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What is it that you do there?

We start with an initial assessment. At that time we will go over your medical history and do a computerized allergy screening using BioMeridian’s BEST system. It tests for approximately 200 items - both food and environmental. You will get a printout of the results that day and the results will be reviewed with you. The initial assessment takes about 1 hour and is not covered by most insurance plans.

The treatments we do are Allergy Elimination. Using energy vials and acupressure on certain points on your back, we remove the allergy or sensitivity.

How do you do the allergy testing?

We do a computerized testing. It is non-invasive (it doesn't hurt). A probe connected to the computer measures your body’s energy against an item or allergen. If the energy level stays the same it means that you are not sensitive to that item, and if the energy level changes it tells us that you are not compatible with the allergen or have a sensitivity to that item.

How do treatments work?

Our bodies have 12 main energy channels called meridians – each one flowing through major organs and glands in our body. When you are sensitive to an item you have blockages on one or more of these meridians. Using energy vials and stimulating acupuncture points on your back these blockages are removed.

What is an allergy?

Here’s a whole new definition of allergies: anything that puts a blockage on an energy channel, to us in energy medicine, is an allergy.

Allergies are not always experienced in the typical way as most people think they are. You could be suffering from pollen allergies and not have itchy watery eyes or sneezing and runny nose.

Other major symptoms of pollen allergies are insomnia, depression, and most anything hormonal such as PMS, dysmenorrhea, and hot flashes. Some of the not-so-common symptoms can be related to kidney problems, and elevated or low BP.

What do allergies have to do with energy blockages?

If you get enough allergies or blockages on any one of the energy channels in your body you will get disease or less functioning of the organ associated with the channel.

For example: an asthmatic has a lot of blockages or allergies on their lung channel causing them to have less functioning of their lungs and that’s why they need their puffers, to make their lungs function better.

With Allergy Elimination we remove these blockages one at a time. This frees up the channel and thereby making the organ associated with the channel work better so the need for puffers is decreased or eliminated.

How many treatments do I need?

Everyone is different. It depends on how many allergies or sensitivities you have and how long you’ve had the allergy. After you have your testing we will be able to answer that a little better. But it also depends on what you want. Some people just want, for example, a cat allergy eliminated and when that’s completed they stop treatments, get a cat and go on with life; while another person might want to eliminate all sensitivities.

Will my insurance cover this?

This depends on your own individual insurance plan. Allergy Elimination treatments are often covered with naturotherapy. After the treatment an acupuncturist will stimulate certain acupuncture points to balance the energy in the body. This can be done with needles, a vibrating stimulator or laser. Any of the above may be covered by Acupuncture, or Natural Therapy.

Will I need to have needles?

No, there are a lot of ways to perform acupuncture. Needles will often be used but as long as the acupuncture points are stimulated it doesn't matter which method is used. Other methods of Acupuncture used may be a vibrating stimulator or laser (ie. if you have any fears, phobias, or anxieties related to needles).

What is the difference between allergy elimination and acupuncture?

Allergy Elimination uses energy vials combined with acupressure on certain acupuncture points along the meridians. Allergy elimination is often more permanent than Acupuncture alone. Acupuncture stimulates points on different areas of the body via needles, stimulator, or laser.

Can I still get massages during treatments at the clinic?

Yes, actually it's encouraged. Therapeutic massages are good for the body to improve the circulation and help improve energy flow through the energy pathways. Massages also help the body excrete toxins produced during the treatments.

What is a combination treatment?

In some cases, where an allergy is inherited from parents and grandparents, or the allergy has been a problem for a long time, one may need combination treatments to overcome the allergic reactions completely. Possible combinations include acid, base, heat, cold, enzymes, hormones, etc. These will be determined by your practitioner when your treatment is checked on the following visit.

Example: If after you clear fruit you start getting a previous symptom such as indigestion when you eat fruit, you may need a combination of vitamin C and acid or vitamin C and cold, etc, even though you are okay with vitamin C alone. If you ever have a symptom return after it has been cleared you will need to let us know so that we can determine if a combination is required. Remember, just one more treatment may be all that’s needed to make you symptom free again.

What is MRT?

Kinesiology is the art and science of movement of the human body. Kinesiology is used in Allergy Elimination to compare the strength and weaknesses of any muscle of the body in the presence or absence of any substance. This is also called Muscle Response Testing (MRT) to detect allergies. This testing was discovered by Dr. George Goodheart in 1964.
It is hypothesized that a measurable weakness in a particular muscle is produced by the generation of an energy disturbance in the particular spinal nerve route that supplies to the corresponding weakened muscle when a specific item is brought into its energy field. Any item that is capable of producing energy disturbance in any spinal nerve route is called an allergen. Through this simple kinesiological testing method, the allergens can be detected; disturbed spinal nerves and their nerve routes can be identified, and the target organs, tissues, and other body parts can be uncovered.
About Us
Primarily an Allergy Elimination Center, it is our mission to improve your overall health and well-being by eliminating your body of underlying allergies so you can live a well-balanced lifestyle. It is our goal to assist you on your journey to becoming forever healthy.
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