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We Are Moving January 16!
567 Coverdale Road, Unit 8, Riverview NB

Forever Healthy opened in Riverview in 1998 as a natural alternative for allergy treatment. Over the years the company has been dedicated to continuous learning in order to improve upon treatments and techniques. In the summer of 2009 the clinic moved to its current location at 342 Pine Glen Road, Riverview. In 2012, registered acupuncturist and natural therapist Deanna Friars bought the Riverview franchise from Debbie. Now, with four practitioners, a bioenergetic technician, an office manager, and a receptionist, Forever Healthy Riverview continues the commitment to the utmost client care, enthusiastic learning, and perseverance for a healthier community.

Deanna Friars

Owner and Practitioner

Deanna is the Owner of Forever Healthy - Riverview. Completing studies at The Carroll Academy of Energy Therapies, she received her certificate in ETP (Energy Therapy Practitioner). Deanna has also studied with New Earth College and has her Diploma in Acupuncture giving her the designation of RAP® (Registered Acupuncture Practitioner). She also has her DNM® (Doctorate of Natural Medicine) as well as certificates in Theta Healing, German New Medicine, and Emotional Freedom Technique.

Lindsay Gallie


Lindsay is a newer member of our team, who fits in like she’s always been here. She is quiet and caring and tons of fun. Lindsay is training in acupuncture and has completed her Energy Therapy course to become a practitioner. She comes from a dental assistant background and has her degree in biology, but more than that, is passionate about helping people. We’re excited to have Lindsay as part of our Forever Healthy family.




Stephanie is not only a Forever Healthy practitioner, but also a Registered Massage Therapist. She is certified and practices Bowen Therapy, Cranial Sacral therapy, Acupuncture (in training) and now an Allergy Elimination practitioner. She's a natural healer, with a big smile and empathetic ear. You may recognize her face as she's been a massage therapist working out of our clinic for years and lucky for us is now a practitioner as well.

Bernice Taylor

Bioenergetic Technician

Bernice is our Bioenergetic Testing Technician. She has been with Forever Healthy since the beginning, and brings with her plenty of experience. She has previously held the positions of office manager and receptionist. As our proficient Sensitivity Screening Technician, she also travels to some of the other locations to do the Initial Assessments, as well as works as Office Manager/Receptionist at our Amherst location with Shawna Boyce. Bernice is passionate about Allergy Elimination, and has a contagious enthusiasm for continual learning. She is the heart and fire of our clinic in Riverview, and is the warm and welcoming personality who introduces all our new clients to our Allergy Elimination treatments.

Karen Hopper


Karen is an integral part of our Forever Healthy Riverview Team. As receptionist, she is the first and last face you’ll see coming in and out of the clinic and you’ll be happy for that. She’s always got a smile and loves to make every person that walks through our doors feel comfortable and at ease. She’s a pleasure to be around, and we’re so grateful she spends her days with us.

Sarah Hachey


Sarah does it all. She has worked reception here at the clinic and has now completed training on our MSAS Sensitivity Screening, doing our initial assessments. She has a background as a pharmacy assistant , and now also loves everything natural medicine. We love having Sarah’s wonderful energy at the clinic as she makes everyday fun. Calm and easy to talk to, she is your first stop at Forever Healthy, doing our Initial Assessments.

567 Coverdale Road, Unit 8, Riverview NB, E1B 3K7
Fax: 506-386-4037 E-mail:

Hours for Initial Assessments: vary; evenings available (call for appointment)

Hours for Treatments:
Monday 11-7:00
Tuesday 11-7:00
Wednesday 10-4:30
Thursday 9-4:00
Friday (By appointments only)

About Us
Primarily an Allergy Elimination Center, it is our mission to improve your overall health and well-being by eliminating your body of underlying allergies so you can live a well-balanced lifestyle. It is our goal to assist you on your journey to becoming forever healthy.
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